Vlogs and audio-logs are a great way to share your knowledge and express yourself authentically. Recording Solo on Tapebook is the quickest and most effective way to share video/audio updates or content with your network - with zero upload time. The best part about recording solo is that you can also have time-shifted meaningful conversations with your connections.

Recording solo video or audio tapes on Tapebook is a fun, authentic, and innately rewarding experience. It's also super easy!

Understandably, it's also a NEW experience for many folks, especially because it doesn't fit the mold of traditional social media status updates (ugh, those "other" platforms are so 2005).

So if you're curious to know how easy it is to record solo on Tapebook, this is your ultimate guide. Within a few taps, you'll be recording and publishing vlogs and audio-logs instantly with zero upload time. Pretty cool, right?  

Let's begin!

Step 1: Go to the Tapers screen

Tap the middle icon on the bottom navigation menu and you'll arrive on the Tapers screen... this is where you can record together and solo.

Simply swipe to the left on the Tapers screen to see the "Record Solo" screen. Here you will see your name with a video and audio icon next to it.

Step 2: Initiate Solo Video or Audio

Simply tap the video or audio icon next to your name to initiate the camera or microphone. If this is your first time, you will need to provide camera and microphone access in order to continue.

How to Record Solo on Tapebook

Step 3: Record your tape and Publish

Once solo recording is initiated, you will see a 10 second countdown timer. This gives you a few seconds to get ready before recording begins on Tapebook.

NOTE: Screenshots below are for solo video. Audio screenshots are slightly different, but the process is the same.

Once your recording time has ended, you will see the Tape Details screen, where you can enter the title of the tape and up to 5 relevant hashtags that describe the topic of your tape.

#hashtags help people find your tape by topic category under Discover. Tape Titles are useful for people who search for tapes by keyword.

After publishing, your tape will instantly appear on the TapeFeed for the community to engage, comment, and share. Your followers will also be notified that you just published a tape.


You just recorded solo and published your first tape!


  1. On the top left corner of the Tapers screen, check out the "Tips" screen for additional best practices on recording with Tapebook. The most important element is to make sure you're connected to a strong WiFi or cellular signal, especially when recording video.
  2. If you talked about an article or want to share a link that's relevant to your tape, you can easily add hyperlinks under the comments section of your tape. Remember: engage with your audience when they recommend or comment on your tape. Tapebookers love engaging and leaving audio comments too! You can also tag other users in comments with the '@' symbol. We will cover engagement and the comments section in another post – stay tuned! :)

Recap & Review: Record Together in 3 steps

Okay, to quickly recap and review the steps, here's a summary for how to record solo vlogs or audio-logs on Tapebook.

Step 1: Go the Tapers screen.

Step 2: Swipe left to Record Solo and tap the video or audio icon next to your name.

Step 3: Record, add tape details, and publish!

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

Now try it out for yourself.

Happy Taping everyone! :)

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