On traditional social media, you have the option to share text-based status updates, links, pictures, memes, and also video. There is no shortage of content you can share on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But with so many variations of content, coupled with all the ads on people's news-feed, it can also become difficult to stand out and get noticed in all the noise.

Consuming content on traditional social media platforms feels like I'm sipping water from a fire hose.

For this reason, Tapebook is approaching social networking differently. We're putting people and their voices first. We're humanizing the traditional status update by only focusing on audio/video.

The unique thing about recording audio/video is that it adds some creative tension and authenticity into the sharing process. Rather than sharing whatever, you're likely to pause and reflect before deciding to share something online. This translates into higher quality content that is more meaningful and valuable for your audience.

It's also a new way to approach social networking. So if you're contemplating joining the world's only people-first network, here are some ideas around what you can possibly do on Tapebook...

Oh, and did we mention that creator monetization is coming to Tapebook too?

Yup... keep reading... $$$

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1. Start a Book Club Series

Some folks on Tapebook have already started their own book clubs where they select a book, read a chapter every week, and record some insightful discussions around the chapter. It's a great way to bring books to life, and you end up learning a lot more in the process. It's also fun, engaging, and deeply rewarding. Even authors can start their own series to build their readership and engage with readers.

Here is how you can easily start a book club on Tapebook:

  1. Choose a book... and a book club name.
  2. Record a tape and alert the community about your upcoming book series.
  3. Share a link in your tape comments so that people can purchase a hard copy or kindle version of the book if they want to read along.
  4. Set a weekly date for your book club discussions.
  5. Read a chapter each week and take notes about the things you liked, disliked, and want to discuss.
  6. Record a tape about the chapter. Discuss the elements of the chapter, what you learned, character critiques (if it's fiction), some quotable lines, etc.
  7. Use relevant hashtags for your book club name, book title, author, and chapter. This helps random people find and discover your series.
  8. Publish your tapes.
  9. Engage and ask questions from the community. Get feedback from listeners through audio and text comments.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 each week until the book is complete!

Tape... Book... get it?  LOL ;-)

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2. Record a Podcast

Have you ever had an interesting conversation about a topic you care about and wished you could have saved it? Well now you can! No need for mics, hardware, intro music, artwork, hosting, etc. Tapebook makes it super easy to record a podcast right from your phone.

Here is how to record a podcast conversation with a friend on Tapebook:

  1. Call your connection (a connection is someone who follows you back).
  2. Start recording your conversation for up to 5 minutes (longer recording times are coming soon to Tapebook – stay tuned!)
  3. Add a descriptive title, relevant hashtags, and publish.

Your tapes immediately appear on the TapeFeed for the community to recommend, comment, and share.

Whether it's a funny story, life-transforming experience, or philosophical thought, Tapebook is a great place to record and share your podcast conversations.

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3. Start a Vlog or Audio-log

Vlogs and audio-logs are a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and goals. By sharing your progress and journey, you become accountable to your goals and are more likely to achieve them. It also makes you vulnerable... and with vulnerability you gain personal freedom!

Here is how you can easily record a vlog or audio log on Tapebook:

  1. Go to the Record Solo screen and tap the video/audio icon to start recording.
  2. Record your vlog or audio-log for up to 2.5 minutes (longer recording times are coming soon to Tapebook – stay tuned!)
  3. Add a descriptive title, relevant hashtags, and publish.

That's it! Your tapes immediately appear on the TapeFeed for the community to recommend, comment, and share.

Vlogging & Audio-logging Ideas

  • Dieting & Weight-loss – track your progress, what you're eating, how you're exercising, what you're feeling – let it all out.
  • Water Fasting – record your intentions, how you're doing the fast, what you're feeling – share the journey.
  • Daily Journal – record a journal about your day - what happened to you, the good, the bad, the ugly, how you dealt with it, what you learned.
  • Courses/Textbooks – if you're taking a course and wish to record what you learned, a vlog or audio-log is a great way to reinforce and remember key concepts that you can play back later.
  • Memories – did something spectacular happen to you today? Want to remember it forever while it's still fresh in your mind? Record a tape and save it forever (private tapes are also coming to Tapebook soon!).
  • Travel Journal – share your travel adventures on Tapebook – show your favorite sights, restaurants, street food, accommodations, and experiences.

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4. Record a Song or a Cover

If you're an aspiring musician, lyricist, rapper, DJ, have an indie band, or simply like singing or playing music, you can easily record and share a song on Tapebook. It's a great way to gather feedback from your listeners too!

Whether you're strumming the guitar, playing piano, beating on drums, blowing on bagpipes, or singing A Capella, sharing musical vibes on Tapebook is easy, effortless, and fast. You can also jam with your friends and record from different places! For example, your friend could play the drums for her basement while you play the guitar and sing from your bedroom. Tapebook makes it easy to co-create music with your friends from anywhere!

All audio is recorded in High Definition (HD), and so is video (for video, just make sure you're connected to a strong WiFi or cellular connection). Your recorded tracks are also uploaded instantly, in real-time!

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5. Create, Teach, Get Ideas

Are you an expert on a topic? Do you have a skill you want to share? Tapebook is an excellent place for experts and creators to share their knowledge and skills. We're a social network; a community for sharing experiences, learning, and connecting with real people.

Ideas for Creators

  • Teach a Skill – this could be any skill – a cool yoga move for releasing tension, a life hack, a how-to for woodworking, origami, painting, magic tricks, gardening, raising chickens, the list goes on and on... if you've got a skill, come show it off on Tapebook!
  • Create a Course – record a course or a series on a topic that you care about – from history to digital marketing to coaching to web development – starting a course on Tapebook is easy and effortless.
  • Cooking / Recipes – do you have a delicious recipe? Share that family recipe from Nono Franca and show the community how to make the perfect pasta, or simply share what you're cooking today and show them how it's done!

On Tapebook, creators can create with endless options. Best part is, you don't need to waste your time exporting and uploading files to YouTube or any other platform. On Tapebook, your recordings are uploaded instantly, in real-time!

We hope you found this blog post useful. If you have your own ideas, Tweet us @tapebookapp, or download the app and share an intro tape with the community!

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So how will Creators Monetize their content on Tapebook?

We have bold ideas for that in 2020, and it won't be lame ads!

Get ahead of the game and start building your tribe on Tapebook before the masses. Share your feedback and help shape the World's only people-first platform.

Download Tapebook from the App Store, and start creating today!

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